IMBV is your Ship Doctor in Europe



IMBV provides following technical services to ships calling at a port of Europe.

IMBV can take good grips of navigation situation by checking the present situation of hull and propeller from the ship data by instructions of superintendent and we analyze the performance of Main Engine.

IMBV can advise you from the yard’s point of view to technical queries from the vessel.

IMBV can visit the vessel to check the condition of structure and equipment.
We have skilled technicians that can make clear condition reports.

For trouble shooting, IMBV can make a research for the cause of various abnormalities (also due to aging deterioration) during navigation and give advice.

IMBV can make plan for periodical docking based on the information and experiences which we have built up in the past and we recommend shipyards from the Owner’s point of view a most suitable shipyard for dry-docking by our own method (IMBV method).